Stripe jumper

Stripe crater neck flared sweater — Ribes

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Jersei de ratlles bordeus i grafit

Jersei acampanat amb la vora recta
Màniga llarga muntada

Amb coll cràter i puny recte

Acrílic 48%, Cotó 48%, Elastà 4%


Renteu a temperatura màxima de 30ºC

No empreu lleixiu

No l'assequeu a l'assecadora 

Planxeu-lo a baixa temperatura

Admet rentat en sec


Fet a Bologna, Itàlia
OPIFICION NEIRAMI is based in Bologna, in a suburban area called 'Pontevecchio', between the railway and the ancient Via Emilia. It is an eclectic & inclusive space where they create, produce, show and photograph their collections. And a meeting point for friends, partners and clients of the brand.
An operative and multifunctional working place but also the ideal extension of the home of its founders, Laura Nardi & Danilo Traverso. Couple in life as well as business partners, their synergy is their strength: in both life & work they contaminate each other, they clash and complete each other.
OPIFICION NEIRAMI also headquarters the Dualica cultural association, that sponsors art events and promotes environmental projects, such as 'bicigeneratori' (bike-generators) and 'ecosistemi mobili' (mobile eco-systems). You see, creativity galore!
Size XS or S or M or L


Size XS or S or M or L